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Ghana International Electric Energy Exhibition---POWERELEC

On September 3 and 4, 2018, China invited African heads of state to Beijing to participate in the China-Africa BBS. Just four days ago, we set out from weifang to Ghana for the three-day Ghana international electric energy exhibition, called POWERELEC. We passed by Tian 'anmen square and saw African national flags on both sides.


The exhibition will be held in Accra, the capital of Ghana .When the plane landed slowly, we could see the fabled fertile land where the harvest could be achieved only by dropping seeds. From high in the air, Ghana has a vast land with few green lands, small cities and few tall buildings.

When we entered the city of Accra , we found that the buildings in the city were a little like those in the 1980s and 1990s in China, with low and shabby buildings and few roadside greenery. Since it was the rainy season when we went there, we felt that the temperature and humidity were very suitable.


The exhibition hall is decorated with local characteristics and brilliant colors. Our booth is in hall 1. All kinds of machinery, electricity, communication equipment and generator sets are on display.


On the first day of the exhibition, due to the presence of many national leaders, the opening ceremony was very long, and various leaders took turns to participate in the exhibition. It can be seen that Ghanaian countries attach great importance to the exhibition, and national TV stations also come to cover the exhibition halls!


We learned from the Internet that Ghana is a developing country. In recent years, the political situation has been stable and the economy is developing rapidly. At present, Ghana's economy is still dominated by agriculture.

In the structure of the national economy, the output value of agriculture accounts for 43 percent, industry for 15 percent and services for 42 percent .Cocoa, minerals and timber are the three pillars of the economy .In general, agricultural development in Ghana is quite good, but it is still in the stage of extensive operation .The government and people of Ghana must make a great effort in order to meet the twin challenges of continued population growth and the rising quality and quantity of food .Agricultural development is the guarantee of economic development .Agriculture is the basis of Ghana's economy. There are 2.8 million hectares of arable land in the country, accounting for about 12% of the land area and 0.17 hectares per capita .There are also about 5 million hectares of grazing land and 7.9 million hectares of woodland .Fifty-nine percent of the country's labor force is employed in agriculture .And our Alphabull machinery trading company has brought modern agricultural equipment and equipment, which can provide a large number of modern advanced agricultural machinery, including all kinds of plows, tractors, small mist machines, contributing to the economic development of Ghana and providing modern agricultural technology services for African countries.加纳10.jpg

Africa is a community. Many people do business not only in Ghana, but also in neighboring countries. At present, the political situation in Ghana is stable, and the situation there is still very good and there are many opportunities .Participated in the exhibition to see the local situation, understand the local market, Alphabull machinery import and export company and the east China engine co., LTD., committed to the development of Africa to make their own contributions!